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The 'A Cube Architects' Edge

Journey to success travelled along a road less travelled

With dynamism in approach and adventure in its path, ‘A Cube Architects’ has come a long in its short but eventful journey. Thanks to its penchant for branching across multiple project genres such as residential, commercial, retail, institutional, industrial, and more, which only a few are capable of.

May we add, the spirit of exploring new horizons that has made it one of the few, preferred architectural firms, for private as well as government projects ranging from mid-size to large, across the country.


Our projects have been featured on various architectural websites and magazines and we have received three prestigious WORLD ARCHITECTURE COMMUNITY AWARDS from UK in 2012 for a resort designed on Zamboanguita Island in the Philippines, a Residential Scheme in Gangtok in 2015 and Sports Academy for Umesh Yadav in 2016.
Jury Commendation

 Smart Green

Umesh Yadav Sports Acadamy
World Architecture Org
September 2016
Orchid Valley
World Architecture Org
October 2015
Palm Bellagio
World Architecture Org
OCEO Drive
World Architecture Org
Devember 2012